Friday, January 10, 2014

Blue Mug's Season 30 Minn. Moose Team Preview

The Moose will be hard pressed to get out of the basement in the NL North this season, as they have trimmed payroll, and have added only rookies from the AAA WS winning club. Hopefully the extra money will be put towards some key players for the future.

Offense: 22 year old CF Anthony Acosta and a bunch of guys. Hopefully 2B Santiago Elcano will bounce back after his worst offensive season to date. ROY candidate from season 29 Dante Franco should add to his totals this season, Other then that it's a pretty pedestrian bunch.

Pitching: The Moose are going with youth in their rotation as the oldest is 25 years, and he's a rookie. Former 1st round pick Phil Simon will get some much needed experience this season after an 18 win season at AAA in only his 2nd pro year.  Jimmy Jefferson , a Rule V draft pick last season will head a rotation that is searching for a stopper. Good luck! The bullpen needs Luis Castro to perform up to his ratings if he hopes to continue pitching in Minnesota. Wilin Alberro was a nice surprise at closer and had a hand in over half the Moose wins. This is a relative strength for Minnesota.

The overall outlook is not good at the moment, but with 5 NL pennants and 4 WS in the minors help should be on the way.

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