Friday, January 10, 2014

Scootermcray's Season 30 Indianapolis Wolverines Team Preview

Gone are the days of dominating Wolverines teams in all aspects.
After an HBD decade plus long run we finally decided it was time to tear this team down and start our first Hornsby rebuild.
Surprisingly, got little to no interest in trades last year so we had to settle for a couple decent prospects, but no real Franchise-type players.
We will once again see if the remaining veterans can be moved this year for some prospects, but either way we should still be in the playoff chase another year or two while slowly building the next juggernaut.

Top Additions - Went ahead and signed Tony Gonzales (RP) and Julian James (2B) at what we thought were value signings.

Top Losses - Decided not re-sign future HOF Bob Duchscherer as he approaches some career milestones and wish him the best.

Top Prospects - I don't know you tell me. Kinda scarce.

In summary, we have no real thoughts of a title in Indy this year and it may be awhile before we are a serious contender, but we are fully committed to Hornsby World and the city of Indianapolis. We look forward to sitting at the Big Boy table in the near future. Hopefully Tanaka has retired by then.

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