Sunday, January 12, 2014

Porthos's Season 30 Tacoma Windmills Team Update

For Immediate Release....Dateline Tacoma

Windmills putting pieces together

Porthos, who acquired a team last season that had won only 24 games in Season 28, is overseeing a rebuild built around trading and the draft. That strategy helped boost the franchise to improve Wins to 45 in Season 29. With SP and "Face of the Franchise" Eddie Conroy another season older and showing some key increases, hitting the leagues new MWR should not be a problem.

With upcoming draft picks 2,3, 32 and 57 in the draft, Porthos opted to invest heavily in scouting in hopes of filling some obvious holes in the farm system. One big gap filled this spring was a Power hitting First Baseman, which the signing of Alex Morales at $40 M demonstrated the commitment of the franchise to build from the ground up

Time will tell whether this is a smart strategy, but does insure the league will continue see stability in the Tacoma franchise ownership.

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